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(Equivalent 12AT7, ECC83, ECC81, 6SQ7, 6B6) V2 Oscillator/ Modulator 6CG7 (Equivalent 12AU7, 12BH7, ECC82, 6SN7) Use a telescopic aerial from a junked transistor radio. The transmitter can be tuned to a vacant spot in your local broadcast band.
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ECC81 ECC-81 Electron vacuum tube valve CVC. Brand New. C $22.40. RFT ECC81 12AT7 Platinum+ matched <1% 25 pairs available Amplitrex AT1000.
Jan 19, 2020 · The European designation that is electronically equivalent to the 12AX7. IOW, the European substitute. 7025... The "low noise" version of the 12AX7. This tube has a spiral wound filament intended to reduce hum. Intended for industrial use such as for scientific, medical and hi end audio. 12AT7 / ECC81 12AT7's have a lower voltage gain than 12AX7's. They have a higher plate current and transconductance, and are commonly used as reverb drivers and phase inverters. ECC81 is the European equivalent.
Kyseessä on siis Auris Euterpe, josta valmistaja sanoo: The lineup of tubes is classic Auris, with the use of two 7-pin Ei PL95 tubes, which are the equivalent to 6DL5, and a single ECC81 input tube, also known like 12AT7 (running in Ultra-Linear mode). Okay, while we're at it, anyone have a preference on the best sound in 12AX7A/ECC83 pre-amplifier & 12AT7/ECC81 power driver tubes? Daddy Tonmeister? ECC81: European designation of the 12AT7. On par with RCA blackplate or other USA made military/industrial versions. Often rebranded european versions were made for USA hi-fi products in the 1960s (Knight, Bogen, Daystrom, Dynascan, etc.)
Deze site wordt gebruikt voor het verkopen van elektronenbuizen, electronenbuizen, radiobuizen, audiobuizen en allerlei andere soorten buizen Construction refers to both basing size and the envelope.: H/F means "Heater or Filament" voltage and current specifications. (F) means "Filamentary", and (H-K) means "Heater-Cathode.
12DT8 RCA USA Near equivalent to ECC81 and 12AT7 but it have ECC88 pin 25.00. out. Uf= 12.6V. 12DT8 Various USA Near equivalent to ECC81 and 12AT7 but it have ECC88 pin 22.50. out. Uf= 12.6V. 12DW7 7247, ECC832 JJ Slovakia 1/2 ECC82 and 1/2 ECC83 in the same tube. 15.80. 12DZ6 USA Only a few tubes left. 11.50. 12E1. CV345, S11E12, Used, tested ... First you listen the smoother nos tubes and then the jj 12at7 current production.. with lector digicode 704 dac bb1704k pre arc ls26 amp pass x350.8 and b&w...Jul 30, 2010 · 2 x MINIWATT PHILIPS ECC85 (europe), equivalent to 6AQ8, american 8 X MINIWATT PHILIPS ECL80 (europe), equivalent to 6AB8, american 1 X ECC80 ??? Is thetre any idea or project to do with this? I was Thinking on Building: - Receiver-CW transmiter I have made a internet search, there is a page with a project. Part list is stated but no the ...
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